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Consecutive years of growth

The challenge

A business that connect the dots between human behaviour, creativity and technology needed support to take a step back and reimagine their purpose. We helped them find clarity and embrace change.

Uniform are an independent UK agency who offer brand design and visualisation. They wanted to retain their position as a world-class creative company in an evolving market by reimagining their business model and proposition.

The approach

Our work with Uniform focused on supporting the board to develop a sustainable business that was both creatively fulfilling and commercially successful.

We worked with them to shape a plan that would tackle challenges head on and renew their customer and sector focus. Helping them to craft a meaningful customer proposition for both sides of the business, to develop a strong voice in key market sectors, and to create an annual strategic plan that was focused and accountable.

The board have a new clarity, a renewed focus and a new Senior Leadership Team that sits below them. Our relationship with Uniform has evolved into a partnership. We provide them with annual board away days, regular strategy sessions and team coaching to ensure alignment and collective momentum.  As well as strategic advice for specific delivery across the business.

The results

Since we started working with Uniform they have seen year on year growth. This has stemmed from a clearer market proposition, greater alignment across the business and a more focused and resilient leadership team.


"For the last six years, Form has been a trusted advisor of Uniform, we see them as an extension of our board. Their insights, strategic thinking and understanding of our market have made them a brilliant partner as we seek to push the boundaries of growing a truly remarkable company."
Nick Howe, Managing Director

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