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Global Design Teams
Reduction in prep work

The challenge

With teams across the globe it can be hard to connect. Unilever wanted to speed up their innovation process, we gave their design team the skills and confidence to do it.

Unilever are a multinational company with more than 400 brands who supply products to around 190 countries. They are known for their product innovations but wanted to achieve global innovation faster.

The approach

Innovation at Unilever works across functions, stakeholders and geographies. They use innovation workshops to try and reduce the time it takes to launch new global innovations. As pressure increased on travel budgets and offsite meetings, so did the pressure on these complex workshops to deliver. We helped them drive greater value from these sessions, find new ways to innovate faster and deliver workshops with more confidence.

We gave Unilever’s Global Design Team the skills, knowledge and renewed confidence to deliver global innovation workshops across the organisation both face to face and remotely. Encouraging more efficient  innovation across locations and accelerating progress within workshops.

The results

The new shared approach fostered a greater sense of connectedness between the categories in the Global Design Team and resulted in a 50% reduction in prep work.


"The best professional training I've ever received."
Kelly Dawson, Senior Design Project Lead

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