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Company in the world for Design Sprints

The challenge

Accelerated growth, the launch of a brand-new business, and developing business savvy across the company – all at once. AJ&Smart don’t do things by halves. But we helped them achieve it, in their own unique way.

Berlin-based AJ&Smart are world leaders in product design using Google’s Design Sprint methodology. They needed help to align the organisation when operating at such speed and coaching support to deliver an aggressive growth strategy – and stay sane.

The approach

We helped them define their vision, mission and values and embed these across the organisation through a programme of targeted and engaging workshops for the whole company. These covered brand-building, team development and collaborating across functions.

Growing quickly creates a need to adapt. We developed a programme of leadership strategy days and remote coaching for key team members to maintain the health of the company and the wellbeing of the team.

Everything we did was focused on supporting the founders to scale their business in a way that was rewarding and sustainable. Helping them to capitalise on their unique proposition was key, by enhancing their sales and marketing messaging allowed them to occupy a distinct place in customers minds and achieve more higher-value sales.

The results

Improved internal processes and a renewed emphasis on their proposition has helped AJ&Smart get more global sales, more efficiently. Supporting the development of their training business has seen it move from sleeper success to a rapid growth product. And it’s all been achieved without losing what makes AJ&Smart special.


"A massive thank you! Your coaching is super valuable, really pushing us further than we would have gotten without your help!"
Jonathan Courtney, CEO

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