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growth in revenue
growth in headcount

The challenge

Getting the space to take the next step isn’t always easy. We helped Crema’s ambitious founders find the insight and inspiration to become better leaders and navigate the challenges of business growth.

Crema design and build custom software from their Kansas City base. A global product studio with big ambitions, they wanted support to scale-up their business and transition the company. As well as insight, inspiration and clarity, they needed to equip key staff with knowledge and skills to lead their growth.

The approach

Our strategy with Crema started with a 5-day inspiration trip to the UK, where we introduced them to leaders of companies who have been on a similar journey. ustwo, Neverbland and MMT gave insight into managing competing priorities, getting new customers and the shifting demands of a growing business.

Using data from EQi Diagnostic, we worked with the leadership team to explore biases, blind spots and self-awareness and organised training for incoming leaders to equip them with tools, models and insights to more effectively contribute at a senior level.

An ongoing relationship with Crema allows us to continue to coach their leadership team, help them create clarity across the organisation through strategic planning sessions whilst asking the difficult questions that keep the business focused.

The big shift was supporting the founders to work on, rather than in the business. To give them the space, insight and clarity to become leaders and the focused strategy to increase revenue, profit and ensure sustainable growth.

The results

Since we started supporting Crema they have seen a 28% growth in revenue and 22% growth in headcount.


"You guys are phenomenal. You just get us. You create clarity, challenge our thinking and help us to navigate towards a business that we really want."
George Brooks, CEO & Co-Founder

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