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3x Revenue Growth
In 18 months

The challenge

Reducing the dependency on the founders whilst overcoming the growing pains of a high-growth business and retaining the superb culture.

&us is a consultancy that helps clients make innovation inevitable, by modernising how their teams work and making new products and services.

After a solid first year, the Founders were feeling the strain of the challenge ahead, and wondering who they could trust to guide them as they charged forwards. As the company was growing, so was their demands and stress levels.

Some of the hurdles they foresaw were:

  • Retaining culture and value strategy as the organisation grew
  • De-risking the business due to some large key accounts
  • Moving the business to greater autonomy without dependency on the founders
  • Maintaining enjoyment whilst growing

They needed to create greater clarity on where the organisation was heading and that the organisations growth was healthy and in-line with their values and internal motivators.

The approach

After an initial 6 month engagement, the ongoing relationship supports &us on three levels:

– Strategy and Culture; creating space and structure to get clear what the next 3-year vision for the organisation could look like across all aspects of the business whilst retaining the superb culture.

– Exec Coaching; helping the founders operate to their highest degree of contribution and remain resilient in times of change.

– Leadership development; high levels of growth come with fresh challenges, to ensure &us – were in the best place to take advantage of the growth, new leadership teams had to be created to carry the weight of the organisation and allow the founders to work on, rather than in, the business.

The results

Greater confidence through having a clear vision. The succession planning and diagnostics also helped to get the right people in the right seats to increase the self-sufficiency of the business.

Double digit growth whilst retaining the superb culture of the business and also decreasing the exposure to the organisation through large accounts.


"Form just get us, they bring almost as much mischievousness to the table as us. They care about us on an individual and collective level and have been the missing ingredient in transitioning the organisation to the next level of maturity. We’re clear on what’s ahead and feel excited about growing the business that we want."
Paul Archbold, Co-Founder

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