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Author: Matt Johnson

Survive, stabilise, and sustain.

The current Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world in ways never experienced before in our lifetime. Here are some tips for making sure you survive, stabilise, and sustain as the COVID-19 epidemic runs its course.

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Right now the only currency we have is relationships

Just because you don’t have as much money coming in as you want (or need) at the moment, it doesn’t mean that your business is a bust or you have no hope.

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7 steps to gain clarity for your business during COVID-19

Even if the crisis does not seem to have had an immediate financial impact on your business yet, take control right now.

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Insights into an extraordinary agency...

We spent the week in the USA working with the Senior Leadership team of Crema. They, we may add, are a very unique company.

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Your customers really don't care what you do...

If you run a business, have you ever considered that your customers don't actually care one bit about what you do?

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What can we learn from the country that brought us lego?

It isn’t enough to simply say we want to be the next Denmark or the next Norway. We have to understand what these Nordic countries offer their communities that we don’t and then learn from it.

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Brands we love - Divine

You can have the greatest brand in the world, but if no one can get their hands on it you might as well be shouting into a vacuum.

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Your passion and purpose

Ideas can do one of two things; they can stay in your head and be the place you go to when it all gets a bit much. Or they can spill out, become your passion and your life.

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