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We’re proud to be a B Corp

Our B Corp Impact Report

Connecting people, planet, and profit to increase our impact has been a focus for Form ever since we founded the business in 2013. Achieving B Corp status in August 2022 was an important milestone on that journey.


It wasn’t always an easy road, and while we’re proud to be part of this wonderful community, we know the hard work doesn’t stop.

Reporting, reflecting, and refocusing.

Becoming a B Corp isn’t a badge of honour it’s a commitment to constant improvement. We wanted to share our first impact report that looks back on our journey, celebrates our progress, but perhaps more importantly sets out our commitments to further change. It’s a great way to stay accountable and to hopefully inspire others to join the movement.

The report

At the core of the B Corp Impact Report is transparency. As well as telling you a bit more about our route to certification it gives a clear and honest outline of the measurable impact we’ve had over a 12-month period.

Focusing on the key areas:

  • Environment: Our impact on the planet
  • Community: Our commitment to the people around us
  • Workers: Our team, their development and wellbeing.
  • Customers: Our focus on giving value and building community
  • Governance: Our core mission, beliefs and principles

Progress highlights

Becoming a B Corp has forced us to ask and answer confronting questions. It’s provoked healthy conversations and challenged us to set ambitious benchmarks to build on.

You can really dig into the progress we’ve made in the full report but here are a couple of highlights from our first year:

  • Becoming an active member of the local B Corp community and co-hosting our first B Corp event.
  • Starting carbon offsetting, reducing the environmental impact of all our delivery, and sharing this with our clients
  • Creating essential assets to keep us on track including a list of preferred suppliers that are local and environmentally conscious, and an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) checklist.

We want to use the progress we’ve made to push us further – and to inspire others to do the same. Because our ambition as a business is to equip leaders to build remarkable organisations and that must include supporting them to increase their impact for good.

B Corp is a movement with the potential to transform the global economy.  We’re committed to stretching ourselves to go beyond what we’ve already achieved, and to continue to support our clients and partners to play their part.

It’s incredibly motivating and inspiring to see how our individual and collective efforts can contribute to a global movement acting as a force for good. If you’re starting the process and want to pick our brains on anything, please do drop me a line.