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Global webinars
Business customers strengthened

The challenge

At a time of global crisis one of the UKs leading banks wanted to act quickly to support their business customers. Seven webinars later, we’d helped them ensure more than 200 of them had not just weathered the storm but emerged stronger.

Santander wanted to give practical support to its business customers that would help them find clarity and take positive action during the Covid-19 crisis.

The approach

Working with the incubator, marketing and business relationship managers we developed and delivered a seven-part webinar series. It focused on practical insight and guidance and covered creating value propositions, making the most of customer research, aligning purpose with culture, using innovation to get further and faster, taking advantage of opportunities, building customer relationships and sharpening your voice.

The results

We helped Santander support over 200 of their business customers to survive and stabilise during Covid-19.

More than just immediate support, the series was a conversation starter with more than 1000 businesses visiting the Santander microsite to access the content.


"Your support has been instrumental in helping these businesses and we’ll be able to continue to support so many more with the assets created. You’ve doubled our ambition for support and we’ve also secured new accounts."
Lynne Robertson, Enterprise Education & Insight Programme Lead, Santander Breakthrough

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