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Author: Sean Sankey

What to do when 'you just can't get the staff'

Whenever you go to a conference, attend a seminar or just talk to anyone in the creative and digital industries, the conversation will quickly return to the problem of finding and keeping great people.

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Why it pays to fold Story into your Selling.

Over the last five years or so the conversation has really evolved about how sales is changing.

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Close your sales without the cringe

Sales really are the lifeblood of a business. Without paying customers, you haven’t got a company. You’ve got a hobby.

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Being great above being big. Lessons from [what could be] the happiest agency on Earth.

Last year, we visited Andreas Anderskou and his team in their gorgeous little corner of the canal-lined Christianshavn area of Denmark’s capital.

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Grow by saying "No". The power (and necessity) of turning down work.

It’s a cruel irony that, sometimes the best thing you can do to grow your company is turn down a paying customer.

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Intelligent hiring means more than an interview

The biggest hiring disaster stories are all to do with getting in someone who proved to be the absolute wrong fit for the organisation and/or very difficult to work with personally.

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Lessons from Denmark's best scriptwriters

If you had access to the scriptwriter of some of the world’s most loved drama series, what would you want to learn? What would you ask?

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Recap: The Drum’s Agency Acceleration Day.

We went along to plug into what agency leaders from around the country had to share about the trends in the industry and what growth acceleration really looks like.

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