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Work smarter, not harder

Our Project Manager, Laureece dives into a few tools and programmes that make her day-to-day run much smoother.


Am I making the most of my time? How can I get more headspace to concentrate on deep thinking? Wouldn’t life be better without admin?

Questions that we probably all ask ourselves when we’re up against a tough deadline or juggling multiple projects.

I’ve recently been experimenting with ways we can work more efficiently. So, here’s a few tools and programmes I use as a project manager that make my day-to-day run smoother:


The great thing about Airtable is that it’s set up to make managing everything from major strategies to one off events a breeze. It puts event plans, budget, guest lists and suppliers all in one base and I use it to manage everything from marketing plans to events. Plus it’s simple, user-friendly and easy for others to collaborate on.


Looking for a quick way to build forms? Typeform could be the one. We use it to sign people up to events and to collect feedback and attendance details. It’s also useful for creating longer surveys. And an added bonus is it can connect to Airtable so answers can be instantly linked to the relevant projects.


Canva is a brilliantly simple way to create images and high-quality graphics for things like socials. As a traditionally non-creative person I leave Adobe (and complex design) to the experts, but Canva makes the quick jobs super-easy. It’s got lots of useful templates and design tips too.


Notebooks are great – and I still like to have one on the go – but Todoist is a to-do list and then some. The functionality to assign dates and tasks and to prioritise really helps you to feel on top of things – even when you’re juggling lots! There are options to delegate and share the workload as well so it can be a useful team tool and an alternative to Airtable for project management.

Steph Smith’s Big List of Tools

Not strictly speaking a tool, more a tool of tools, a compendium of time savers and productivity magic. It’s taken from Step Smith’s book ‘Do Content Right’ which is well worth a read in its own right. Check out the list nicely categorised and searchable here.