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Big events are made by small details

Are your thoughts starting to turn to end of year celebrations? Maybe you’re looking for new ways to bring your team together? Or exploring options for stakeholder or client engagement?


Whoever you’re staging an event for, delivering something special can seem challenging, even daunting sometimes.

The temptation can be to go big, throw budget at it, and hope some of it sticks.

But does this really lead to creating brilliant experiences and bringing people together? It can, but it’s not always the best approach.


Think little

In truth, big events are often made by small details. A handwritten note in a wedding favour, blankets by the fire-pit at a late summer birthday, iced water in your hotel room fridge.  

When we’re staging an event, we start by considering the little things that make people feel seen, understood, welcomed, and prioritised. Not the things that make a song and a dance – although they might play a part, if the time, place, and people are right…


Take inspiration from Do

The masters of little moments are the team at Do. If you’ve been lucky enough to attend a Do Lecture you’ll have experienced their attention to detail. Everything from the carefully planned setting to the authentic welcome, bunches of lemon balm and mint tied to shower heads to the candle lit walk back to your tent – it’s all built around making sure your needs are cared for.

If you’re looking for a lesson in events, here are some gems of inspiration we’ve picked up:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your guest and take a walk around the site. What do you see first? What can you smell? How do you feel? Consider what you can change / add to make your welcome more considered.
  • The unexpected can delight. A hidden message behind a door or in a drawer, a candle in a gap in stone wall, favourite sweet treats in the fridge, little details that add to the magic.
  • Look to nature – whether it’s making the most of surrounding views with clever staging, peppering a space with local flowers or foliage, or taking part of your event outside, there’s nothing quite like nature to stir the senses.
  • Don’t be too precious – if you try and make everything perfect, it can seem to forced and clinical, conversations flow when people are at ease and have smiles on their faces.
  • Moments happen by the fire. The science of it we’re not sure, but conversations, connections, inspiration all arise by the glow of a flame. Top tip from do: add an orchard wood like apple or pear to an established fire to get a lovely fragrant smell as they burn.


The chances are that not everyone will notice all the small details. But that doesn’t mean the careful consideration has gone to waste. When we’re looking to make a big impression, it’s the culmination of these small moments that build something special.

For your next event think about what will put smiles on faces and relax shoulders? What will encourage connection and ignite conversation? What will people feel looked after and understood?