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Businesses supported
Collective turnover growth in 12 months

The challenge

Greater Manchester had a strong community of digital, creative and tech businesses. Businesses with the potential to grow at scale and help the local economy thrive. We helped them do it. 

The Growth Company needed a partner to develop an innovative programme of business support tailored to the digital, creative and tech sectors in Greater Manchester. They had the vision but wanted expert help to establish industry credibility and deliver a programme that would see businesses achieve growth at scale.

The approach

Developing an offer that would appeal to the sectors was key, so we began by crafting a brand for ‘Greater Connected’ that was relevant, cohesive, and would engage an audience that values visual and creative excellence.

From this foundation we designed and delivered a short course focused on giving leaders the
the time, skills and space they need to re-focus, and take practical steps to stabilise, adapt, and grow.

With Greater Connected experience was as important as content. Immersing participants in a creatively fulfilling programme that stayed credible but encouraged new thinking and fresh approaches to commercial challenges.

The results

The programme has helped more than 200 businesses successfully scale and provided GVA to the Greater Manchester Economy. In the first-year participating companies collectively increased their turnover by £15m.

Seven waves of the programme have been delivered and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 96% of delegates rated the course 8/10 and 100% say they have made positive changes since the course.


"If you've got a desire to grow then Greater Connected will give you the tools to do it."
Dan Nolan, Managing Director, The E-Word

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