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The role

As a Junior Consultant you’ll spend your time working with our team supporting three things; winning new work, curating & creating content and delivering the content to clients. 

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You’ll be involved in all aspects of internal and external work. You’ll be encouraged to step into areas of contribution where appropriate.

Consultancy isn’t just MacBook Pro’s and travel. Quite the opposite. There is a lot of time spent understanding what’s really happening, moving past the presenting issues and getting deep into the roots. Then crafting the solution to help the client achieve the change they are looking for. All whilst creating a fantastic customer experience.

The learning curve will be steep, but you’ll grow and flourish as your confidence and contribution increase.

About you

You’re hungry, humble and smart. You want to learn about business. But not just learn, you want to experience the reality of how it works. See what actually happens in board meetings and lead them, learn how sales are made and land some, understand what hiring looks like and find talent.

This is beyond your existing knowledge. But that’s the starting point.

You’ll learn from others that have been there and have got the scars and stories.

You may want a shift in your career, you could have hit a glass ceiling, or you may just be looking for your tribe. You may just want the perfect apprenticeship to go and start your own business. Whatever the reason, you’re keen to explore what this could look like. 

The Role

This is as much about us being right for you, as it is you being right for us.

  • We imagine you’ve got 5+ years experience in the Digital, Creative or Tech industries
  • We imagine that you’d need to travel a few days a month in the UK and occasionally in the EU or US
  • You’ll get a company laptop & phone (yes, it is a Mac)
  • You’ll get 22 days annual leave
  • We’re in the office 1-2 days a week in Liverpool, so we’d love you to be able to join in as much as is realistic depending on your location
  • You can expect a competitive salary, health insurance and pension contributions

About Form

Form is a global strategy and leadership consultancy.

We create spaces where leaders and their organisations are transformed through ground-breaking content, unique experiences and inspirational environments. 

We are privileged to be trusted partners by some of the most dynamic creative, digital and technology companies around the world, including Crema, Orcha and &us.

Our team is made up of smart and compassionate individuals who thrive on delivering transformational client experiences. We are all committed to doing our best work at Form, stretching ourselves and others in the process.

Our delivery includes running global innovation study trips to cities including Berlin, Copenhagen & NYC, curating leadership retreats in rural Wales, and be-spoke Consultancy, all focused on creating growth and impact for our clients.

Get in touch

If you would like to explore this further, we would welcome your application including; your CV, a cover letter or video on what draws you to the role and the impact you will bring.

Please send to [email protected] or upload via the form below. 

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